MAFTEC™ Refractory Insulation: Turning the Impossible Into a Job Well Done

When your operations are in one of the fastest growing industrial markets in the country, equipment availability is crucial for profitability. When refractories fail the result is costly downtime and potential damage to your brand’s reputation. Find out how MAFTEC™ Refractory Insulation turned a seemingly impossible job into a success! Click To Tweet

MAFTEC™ High-Temperature Insulation

Made from polycrystalline alumina (mullite) fibers, MAFTEC™ high-temperature insulation has excellent physical properties that enable TFL to extend the use of low-density insulating products into areas where extreme temperatures were once a limiting factor.

The Problem

  • A combustion chamber operating between 1800F-2600F, with sudden and frequent temperature fluctuations.  
  • Frequent shut-down of the combustion system, with re-starts taking the operating temperature to “full fire” as quickly as possible.  
  • High air velocities.  
  • Conventional refractory linings have not survived in the severe environment of high temperature and rapid thermal cycling.  
  • Conventional linings repeatedly fail in months, not years.   

The Solution

Conventional refractories, castables, plastics, and even ceramic fiber blanket have proven to be unsuitable for this severe application.  MAFTEC™, on the other hand, possesses all of the right qualities to make it the perfect solution for such a demanding application.

  • MAFTEC™ is a high strength mullite fiber.  With its unique composition, it is a breed apart from other 3000F fiber materials.
  • Heat shrinkage at 2700 deg F (1500 deg C) is approximately 1%, compared to ceramic fiber with shrinkage of around 13%.
  • Has a tensile strength of 35 psi compared to 5.7 psi for other blankets.  
  • MAFTEC™ is not degraded by rapid changes in temperature (thermal shock or cycling).

TFL: Providing Solutions That Work For You

TFL has consistently provided customized refractory solutions that work for a variety of applications. If you have complex or extreme refractory requirements, we can help.

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