MAFTEC & Cerabolts: A Winning Combination

Any engineering facility knows the importance of keeping the furnace in proper working order. Especially important is maintaining the furnace lining. Even slight damage could result in heat making things worse or spreading damage even outside the furnace.

Fortunately, TFL has developed an excellent solution to this all-too-common problem. By using a combination of highly durable MAFTEC lining and CERABOLTS, engineers can keep their furnaces protected against the high temperatures and easily repair any emergency damages. Let’s take a closer look at both of these pieces of essential equipment.

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MAFTEC and Cerabolts: A Winning Combination, TFL, Houston

Ceramic fiber linings in furnaces or other extreme environments require highly durable repair materials. CERABOLTS, 6-8” long bolts that can withstand temperatures up to 3000 degrees Fahrenheit, provide part of the answer. These bolts can be easily installed with a typical cordless drill and will work in virtually any surface type. Best of all, CERABOLTS don’t have an expiration date. Their durable mullite materials allow them to last indefinitely and save you the added expense of completely replacing the damaged lining.

Pro Tip: The CERABOLT System can help you extend the life of ceramic fiber linings.


MAFTEC and Cerabolts: A Winning Combination, TFL, Houston

MAFTEC lining, made of polycrystalline alumina fiber, easily withstands extreme temperatures and lasts for years without any shrinkage or damage. (Engineers will only notice 1% shrinkage once the MAFTEC lining reaches 2600 degrees Fahrenheit, but don’t worry–the material can withstand temperatures up to 2950 degrees.) Despite its high durability, MAFTEC’s flexible nature allows it to be formed into modules of any size for any function and stay flexible even after years of usage.

A Durable Solution

MAFTEC lining working together with durable CERABOLTS creates the perfect lining for your engineering facility’s furnace, interior roof, or any space where it’s needed. You can rely on both pieces of equipment to last for years with virtually no damage or need for repairs. How will you use them?

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