3 Refractory Solutions for Your Business in 2020

The promise of a new year is always inspiring, but entering into this new decade seems to carry an even stronger energy.

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Refractory Solutions for Your Business

TFL is your refractory source for innovative solutions. We are starting this year off discussing three inspired refractory solutions to consider in 2020.  We pride ourselves on being able to offer a product line of refractory solutions that will bring continued success to your business.

1. Precast Refractory Shapes

Your project requires particular specifications and customized applications. Our REDI-SHAPE™ Precast Shapes are designed for easy installation, to optimize physical properties of the refractory material, and to minimize downtime. Our precast refractory shapes are a durable and efficient solution for a variety of industries including: petrochemical/refineries, forging furnaces, foundries, boilers, and industrial furnaces.

Pro Tip: REDI-SHAPE™ precast shapes will get your turn-around done quicker and keep your furnace running longer. The design of precast shapes is an economical solution for various applications. 

2. New and Improved Materials

As a major distributor for Plibrico Company, LLC, we offer an extensive range of monolithic refractories in stock, as well as short lead times on the broad variety of both new and tried-and-true Plibrico products. TFL also offers many leading-edge refractory materials such as Cerabolt™ ceramic anchors, MAFTEC™ insulation, and Plibrico Fast Track rapid heat-up castables.

3. Refractory Anchors

The quality of refractory installation can mean a difference in years of the lifetime of a furnace, boiler, or other lining. One of the most important aspects of refractory installation to consider are refractory anchors.  From common steer-horn V-anchor, threaded studs, wall support plates, or a ceramic anchor assembly, we provide a range of refractory anchors for your use. If you’re unable to find the correct product, we also provide custom-designed anchors to fit the specifications of your project. 

High-Quality Year-Round

No matter what may have transpired in 2019, the start of a new year welcomes a fresh start and room to achieve your goals. With TFL’s top-rated products and refractory solutions, your business will be equipped to complete your projects with unmatched quality.

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