Ceramic Fiber Module Lining Repair with CERABOLT™ Overlays

Cerabolts are used to easily overlay existing fiber module linings with a new blanket veneer. They penetrate tightly into existing modules while holding a new layer of the blanket on the face. This works great on both walls and roof areas to re-establish an effective lining without having to replace the modules.

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There’s never a good time for furnace linings to fail. When your furnace’s ceramic fiber module lining is in trouble, you have questions:

  • How long can I let this problem ride before I have to repair it?
  • What’s the quickest and least expensive way to fix it?
  • How can I minimize my furnace downtime?

When Repairs are Needed

With Cerabolts, you can easily refurbish a lining that’s in poor condition, while postponing major repairs indefinitely – without tear-out, disposal, or welding of new anchor studs.

Cerabolts can also be used to upgrade a lining’s temperature rating. For example, a furnace with 2300°F modules can be veneered with 2600°F or even 3000°F blanket, easily transforming a furnace into higher-temperature service.

Quick and Cost-Effective Fix 

The CERABOLT System from TFL is a proven money saver! Let’s take a look at the benefits of Cerabolt overlay vs. a module replacement.

Using Cerabolts to overlay an existing lining is cost-effective. On a recent project, we had an opportunity to directly compare the costs of a Cerabolt overlay against the complete replacement of modules to restore a worn lining. The furnace in question was a 42’ long car bottom furnace used for heat treating. The existing lining was made with 12” x 12” x 12”, 2300°F ceramic fiber modules, 9.3 lb. density. Approximately 1,664 sq. ft was being repaired.

For the same amount of repaired area, the Cerabolt overlay option offered the following cost advantages:

Cerabolt Overlay: 

  • Job duration: 3 shifts, 10 hrs ea.
  • Manhours: 150
  • Cost: $38/sq. Ft.

Module Replacement:

  • Job duration: 5 shifts, 10 hrs ea.
  • Manhours: 300
  • Cost: $48/sq. ft.

Minimize Furnace Downtime

As you can see, the Cerabolt overlay option offered a 21% savings over the cost of complete module replacement. Additionally, the furnace downtime was decreased considerably.

TFL Houston CERABOLT™ Overlays

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