What You Need To Know About COVID-19 And The Refractory Industry

Essential Contributors To The Global Economy

We understand the challenges many companies are facing with the COVID-19 pandemic, and how it can be unsettling. While there is some uncertainty about what the future holds with our economy, you can count on the refractory industry being an essential contributor now and in the future. In fact, all the cans, bottles, plastics, and paper used to package, preserve, and transport food are derived from manufacturing processes that rely on refractories. 

You can learn more about refractory industry trends and projections here and learn more about our refractory solutions below.

Custom Refractory Solutions

Here at TFL our position as essential contributors to the economy gives us a unique responsibility to help businesses overcome COVID-19 challenges. We are committed to delivering custom refractory solutions that meet or exceed the highest quality standards. Our facilities include custom mold-making capabilities for precast refractory shapes, fully automated mixing equipment, and two large furnaces used for pre-firing our shapes. No matter the size we can custom manufacture to meet specifications for virtually any application. 

Some of the refractory products we offer include but are not limited to:

Despite these uncertain times we are prepared to position your team for success now and in the future. Contact us today for better results and bigger profits on your next project!