Meet Refractory Project Deadlines Easier With The Convey-It System

Reasons Why You Should Have TFL’s Convey-It System For Your Next Refractory Project 

The Convey-It system is compact, powerful, and the ideal solution for quickly transporting materials out of or into a furnace or kiln. Refractory projects are not the same as your standard construction projects and come with unique requirements and challenges. Fortunately, we understand these challenges, and TFL’s Convey-It system is designed by refractory experts who know first hand how difficult it is to remove and replace refractory linings. If you’re a refractory installation contractor, the Convey-It system is the premier solution to access kilns and furnaces that are typically small and compact or have restricted accessibility.

Convey-It System Advantages Include: 

  • Efficient transport of old debris out of the furnace 
  • Faster transport of new materials into the furnace 
  • Reduced labor and increased personnel safety 
  • Easily expands in 10-foot segments
  • Assembly in 30 minutes or less
  • Can fit almost anywhere

In addition to these advantages, you can expect a safer and cleaner working environment that ensures better results for your team.

Meet your deadlines easier and Contact TFL today to see how the Convey-It system can improve your next refractory project.