Get Refractory Anchors Professionally Engineered By TFL For Your Next Project

Refractory Anchors Designed To Meet Your Specific Project Requirements

Here at TFL, we offer custom refractory anchors professionally engineered for superior durability and designed to withstand the demands of your application. As your premier refractory anchor provider, we’ll ensure your refractory anchor orders are manufactured to your specification, in the right quantities, and delivered on time. Whether you are looking for steer-horn V-anchors, threaded studs, wall support plates, or custom-designed anchors, you can count on our anchors to meet or exceed the highest performance standards. You can access our full inventory of refractory anchors here and see detailed drawings of the anchors we offer. Read more below to see how we can help with your next project.  

We’ll Help You Find The Best Anchor Solution. 

When choosing the correct refractory anchor for your next project, our team of refractory experts will be available to answer any questions you may have to ensure your anchors meet your exact project requirements. One of the more versatile anchors we offer is our Rotalock anchor; our “break away” anchor design also provides numerous advantages, including reducing stress in the lining while allowing slight movement to occur. Whatever your refractory needs are, we have a comprehensive inventory of anchors available in various alloys and sizes custom manufactured to fit your needs. 

To learn more about TFL’s refractory anchor solutions, contact us today!