Here’s Why You Should Have Plicast Super HyMOR 95V KK On Your Next Refractory Project

A Great Castable Selection For Precast Refractory Shapes 

When it comes to meeting your refractory performance goals, Plicast Super HyMOR 95V KK from Plibrico is the ideal material selection for applications such as precast burner tiles, pier blocks, incinerators, reheat and forge furnace hearths, and heat recovery units. Plicast Super HyMOR 95V KK also offers superior resistance to slag and chemical attack to ensure improved refractory performance in the toughest environments.

Two of the main advantages of this product are its modified matrix and low lime content, which help to promote mullite formation at elevated temperatures, greatly enhancing volume stability.  Enhanced physical properties make this product well-suited for a wide-range of applications.

Technical Benefits of HyMOR 95V KK:

  • High density and low porosity
  • Excellent hot strength at elevated temperatures to ~ 2700o
  • Excellent high-temperature load deformation and creep resistance
  • Good resistance to slag attack 
  • Excellent abrasion resistance: (~8cc)
  • Good thermal cycling resistance

TFL offers high-quality castable materials manufactured by Plibrico Company, a world leader in monolithic refractory development.  Let us help you improve refractory performance and extend the life of your furnace with superior refractory solutions from TFL.  Contact us today!