Plicast KL 3000 is a Proven “Workhorse” Castable from TFL and Plibrico

A Cost-effective Solution For Many Challenging Refractory Applications 

Plicast KL 3000 castable is a super-duty, “workhorse” castable commonly used in the steel, power generation, boiler, incineration, thermal oxidizer, and mineral processing industries.  It is one of Plibrico’s oldest products, but one that has been continually updated over the years to meet the demands of some of the harshest applications, in a cost-effective way.  

Plicast KL 3000 Features & Benefits 

Some advantages of the Plicast KL 3000 include a shelf life of 12 months, a temperature limit of 3000°F, and good cold and hot strength. Another benefit of this castable is that it is economical and ideal for less demanding applications. The Plicast KL 3000 is made of super duty aggregate and high purity calcium aluminate cement, offering reliable thermal conductivity and strength. Learn more about the technical benefits of Plicast KL 3000 below.   

Technical Benefits of Plicast KL 3000: 

  • Service temperature limit 3000°F
  • Moderate density
  • Good cold and hot strength
  • Moderate thermal conductivity
  • Good volume stability
  • Moderate thermal expansion 
  • Economical and easy to use

TFL offers high-quality castable materials manufactured by Plibrico Company, a world leader in monolithic refractory development.  Let us help you improve refractory performance and extend the life of your furnace with superior refractory solutions from TFL.  Contact us today!