The Advantages of ROTALOCK Refractory Anchors, The Most Versatile Anchor System From TFL

 Rotalock Anchors Can Reduce Stress On Refractory Linings And Improve Worksite Safety

TFL offers a wide variety of custom refractory anchors professionally engineered in a variety of alloys and sizes. One of our more versatile anchors is the Rotalock anchor system, which features an innovative “break-away” design. This break-away feature reduces stress on refractory linings by allowing for slight movement to occur, while still holding the lining tight to the wall. Unlike other break-away anchors, the impressive friction lock feature of the Rotalock anchor means no tack-welding is required. Read more about the advantages of the Rotalock Anchor System below:

 Major Benefits of The Rotalock Anchor System: 

  • Break-away design allows for movement, reducing stresses in the lining
  • V-anchors can be installed after backup linings are placed, ensuring the hotface anchors are clean and undamaged
  • Since V-anchors can be installed just before hotface lining is placed, workers are not exposed to a dangerous array of anchor legs – worksite safety is improved
  • Rotalock bases can often be made from carbon steel, reducing anchor costs
  • Rotalock bases can often be reused on future repair jobs, greatly reducing maintenance costs down the line

Rotalock anchors can be configured for single component linings or multi-component linings depending on your application. Our team of refractory experts are available to answer questions and will make sure your anchors are manufactured to your specifications, in the right quantities, and delivered on time. 

Access our full inventory of refractory anchors here to see detailed drawings of the anchors we offer. For more information about Rotalock and TFL’s refractory anchor solutions, contact us today!