Remove and Replace Refractory Linings Fast with TFL’s Convey-It System

TFL’s Convey-It System Is The Ideal Solution To Safely Transport Refractory Materials and Tear-out Debris To and From the Kiln 

TFL’s innovative Convey-It System enables your team to perform refractory repairs safely and efficiently. We understand the complexity of refractory repairs and how important it is to have materials transported safely in and out of tight spaces. Instead of overworking your team with heavy hauls to and from the kiln, the Convey-It System uses a continuous conveyor belt system with forward and reverse controls. Also, the Convey-It System comes in 10-foot modular sections so you have the perfect length to meet your exact project requirements. Another benefit of the Convey-It System are standard variable speed controls and remote emergency shut-off buttons. 

 Convey-It System Advantages Include: 

  • Very quick assembly and disassembly of belting and conveyor trays
  • Powerful enough to convey refractory brick and rubble at lengths of up to 300 feet
  • Individual 10-foot modular sections allow for easy adjustment of conveyor length
  • Continuous conveyor belting means smooth flow of materials – no hang-ups
  • Great flexibility in vertical alignment between sections to accommodate elevation differences
  • Narrow profile (15”) allows for use inside equipment with extremely tight access
  • Hydraulic drive is dependable and powerful even under harsh industrial conditions
  • Forward and reverse controls allow for removal of debris and rubble, then installation of new materials, without having to change the set up of the conveyor
  • Variable speed and emergency shut-off buttons are standard


Contact TFL today to see how the Convey-It system can improve your next refractory project.