Long Lead Times Are Common for Many Refractory Manufacturers These Days…Get Your Schedule Back on Track with Plibrico Products From TFL!

Don’t Settle for Extended Deliveries – Plibrico is Keeping Our Customers Happy in Today’s Unusual Market.  Here’s How:

As industries continue to recover from COVID-19 impacts, supply chain delays have become more prevalent in our industry, making it harder for many refractory companies to meet the urgent demands of their customers. Fortunately, Plibrico prepared and stayed ahead of the curve. While other companies minimized their inventories in 2020 in response to reduced demand, Plibrico did not. Instead, Plibrico strategically invested in raw material inventory to meet anticipated growth in demand.  Plus, Plibrico has committed orders with suppliers for additional raw materials to support further near-term increases in production demands. 


Since the beginning of our partnership with Plibrico, in 1982, TFL has consistently ranked among Plibrico’s largest distributors in the organization, and we are proud to offer Plibrico refractories to our valued customers. Let us help you overcome supply chain inefficiencies prevalent in our industry today and meet your scheduling needs with Plibrico refractories available at TFL! 

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