Benefits of Material Property Enhancement By Using Precast Shapes

Benefits of Material Property Enhancement By Using Precast Shapes

Produce the Perfect Refractory Linings for Your Next Project

Over the years, the refractory industry has faced many challenges. Precast-shape technology has helped us overcome some of them. Precast shapes are used across a growing number of industries to produce better results and save money. 

If you choose to work with field-installed refractory castables, the installation process needs to be almost perfect. The physical properties of the material are sometimes reduced during the installation stages by several factors, including too much water, inadequate vibration, and improper curing. One way to optimize a castable’s physical properties is by using TFL’s precast shapes, which are manufactured in our controlled environment with experts overseeing the whole process. 

Since TFL’s precast shapes are fired in a digitally-controlled furnace, we can ensure that the bake-out schedule recommended by the manufacturer is followed to the tee. The shapes can also be fired from all sides, ensuring a thorough and even drying of the entire shape. A properly fired refractory lining is less susceptible to stress, and its performance is more predictable. 

Precast-shape technology has many benefits, and you should take advantage of them. If you’re ready to use precast shapes to optimize your next project, contact us today to learn more about how we can help you.