MAFTEC™ High-Temp Insulation

MAFTEC™ High-Temperature Insulation

TFL is a stocking distributor for MAFTEC, a high-temperature material made from polycrystalline alumina (mullite*) fibers. MAFTEC™ high-temperature insulation was developed by Mitsubishi Plastics, Inc., the world’s largest alumina fiber producer. The excellent physical properties exhibited by MAFTEC™ enable TFL to extend the use of low-density insulating products into areas where extreme temperatures were once a limiting factor.

MAFTEC roof in steel mill reheat furnace
MAFTEC™ roof in steel mill reheat furnace (new installation).
MAFTEC™ roof after one year of service
MAFTEC™ roof after one year of service.
MAFTEC™ roof after five years of service
MAFTEC™ roof after five years of service – ZERO maintenance costs.

Key Features

  • High service temperature limit – 2912° F
  • Extremely low shrinkage at elevated temperatures
    (1% at 2550° F, 1.5% at 2912° F)
  • Retains resiliency performance after firing
  • Higher tensile strength
  • Total thermal shock resistance
  • MAFTEC™ fiber diameter is 5-7 micrometers, well above the 3-micrometer diameter that is considered respirable by the World Health Organization
  • No free silica

High-Temperature Applications

  • Furnace walls, roofs, and doors
  • Jambs and lintels
  • Trough covers
  • Ladle/tundish covers
  • Burner walls
  • Expansion joints
  • High-temperature gaskets

Eliminate Ongoing Maintenance

MAFTEC™ high-temperature insulation eliminates the ongoing maintenance requirements of ceramic fiber lined furnaces. Packing of shrinkage gaps or pumping of slurries to reduce shell temperatures can be eliminated, in addition to the associated downtime for maintenance.

The Specs You Need

TFL can supply MAFTEC™ in roll form, die-cut shapes, fabricated into modules for walls or roofs, or into suspended baffle walls, ready to hang. We can also supply combination, two component modules which enable you to take advantage of the high-temperature properties of MAFTEC™ on the hot face while using more economical materials behind it.

*Mullite is described as having the chemical formula of 3Al2O3 . 2SiO2. It is the only stable compound in the binary system of silica-alumina. It is almost never encountered in nature, therefore the only mullites used as a refractory raw material are artificially produced.

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