A Leader in Refractory Sales and Services

TFL was established in 1977 when our founder, Teddy Laningham, became one of the leading suppliers of Hex Steel (a type of refractory anchoring system) into the petrochemical refineries along the Gulf Coast. In 1981, her success in this arena led to our becoming a distributor for Plibricoone of the oldest manufacturers of monolithic refractories in the United States. Today, TFL is one of Plibrico’s top distributors. 

From there, TFL quickly grew into a multi-faceted refractory sales and service company. We have developed particular expertise in designing and manufacturing precast refractory shape systems.

Refractory Materials and Precast Shapes

Centered On Innovation & Service

Our business was built on the concept of ever-improving customer service, responsiveness, and care. Over the years, we have maintained that reputation for service. In today’s refractory marketplace, we find it very rewarding to be able to dive deep into our customer’s business, learn their problems, and help them improve their situations as far as refractory maintenance and performance.

We also feel deeply rewarded when we are able to use our experience and fresh thinking to bring new ideas to the table. For us to be able to earn a customer’s trust, such that they want to hear about new designs and try new things, is extremely gratifying. That’s why we do what we do.

TFL is located in Houston, Texas. Our 12,000 sq. ft. facility is located near Houston’s George Bush Intercontinental Airport, the Port of Houston, and is convenient to major freeways.