Plibrico Technical Information


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Cement Free Castable Refractories

Plicast® Si-Bond Castable Refractories

Rapid Heat-Up Castable Refractories and Gun Mixes

Plicast and Pligun Fast Track Refractories

Abrasion Resistant Castable Refractories and Gun Mixes

HyREZIST® Castable Refractories and Gun Mixes

Chemical Bond Castable Refractories and Gun Mixes

Exo-Set UNO Castable Refractories and Gun Mixes

Free Flow Castable Refractories

PliFlow® Castable Refractories

Insulating Gun Mixes

Pligun LWI® Insulating Refractories

Service Mixes, Injection Mixes, Refractory Mortar

Plistix® Service Mix and Injection Refractories

Demon Refractory Mortar

Additional Refractories


Ceramic Tile Anchors

Metallic Anchors/Clips/Hangers/Hooks/Wall-Seats and Brackets

Metal Anchor: AA-1, AA-5, AA-6 and Wall-Seat AWS

Sodium Silicate for Pli-Shot® Products

Stainless Steel Needles

Insulating Firebrick