Rotalock Refractory Anchors

Rotalock Refractory Anchors

The Rotalock anchor system is a major improvement in refractory anchor technology. The two-piece system consists of an anchor base and a V-anchor, which is held in place with a close-tolerance interference fit (no welding). The system is designed to allow for slight movement in the refractory lining, while still holding the lining firmly to the vessel wall.

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Major Benefits of the Rotalock Anchor System

  • Allows for movement, reducing stresses in the lining
  • V-anchors can be installed after backup linings are placed, keeping the hotface anchors clean and undamaged
  • Since V-anchors can be installed just before hotface lining is placed, workers are not exposed to a dangerous array of anchor legs – worksite safety is improved
  • Rotalock bases can often be made from carbon steel, reducing anchor costs
  • Rotalock bases can be reused on future repair jobs, greatly reducing maintenance costs down the line

Rotalock Anchor for Single-Component Lining

Rotalock Anchor for Multi-Component Lining

Availability & Customization

Rotalock refractory anchors are available in various alloys and sizes and are custom manufactured to fit your needs. You’ll find that pricing is competitive with other anchoring systems in use today, particularly when you consider the safety benefits and the added cost savings down on future repairs.

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