TFL is a stocking distributor for CERABOLT™, a high-alumina ceramic bolt and washer system used for attaching MAFTEC™ high-temperature insulation or ceramic fiber blanket to existing low-density refractory linings. CERABOLT™ high-alumina ceramic bolts come in two types – an auger style that is used to drill into existing blanket or modules, and the lag style that is used to drill into heavier materials like insulating firebrick or lightweight castables.

Repairs can be completed simply by applying a new hot face layer of blanket over an aged, degraded lining and drilling CERABOLT™ bolts through to support the new lining material.

An existing ceramic fiber module lining can easily be renewed in very little time, without the expense of removing the old lining and disposing of it. Installation is easy, using simply a power drill and a hex-head socket. No welding is required.

CERABOLT™ Bolt and Washer System

CERABOLT™ Installed With
MAFTEC™ High-Temp Insulation

Holding power has been measured up to 35 lbs. per CERABOLT™ bolt. Compare this to a 1″ thickness of 8 lb. density MAFTEC™ insulation weighing 0.67 lbs., or 2″ thickness weighing 1.34 lbs. per square foot.

CERABOLT™ high-alumina retention bolts come in 6″ or 8″ lengths.

CERABOLT™ Installed With MAFTEC™ High-Temp Insulation

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