Convey-It System®

Simplifying Demolition & Installation Logistics

The Convey-It System® is a unique refractory conveying system ideal for refractory demolition and installation projects. The Convey-It modular conveying system offers these unique features:

  • Very quick assembly to lengths of up to 300 feet
  • Individual 10-foot modular sections allow for easy adjustment of conveyor length
  • Continuous conveyor belting means smooth flow of materials – no hang-ups
  • Flexibility in vertical alignment between sections allow for a wide range of applications
  • Narrow profile (15”) allows for use inside equipment with extremely tight access
  • Hydraulic drive is dependable and powerful even under harsh industrial conditions
  • Forward and reverse controls allow for removal of debris and rubble and installation of new materials, without having to change the set-up of the conveyor
  • Variable speed and emergency shut-off buttons are standard

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Providing A Multitude of Benefits

The Convey-It System® was conceived and designed by “refractory people” who know firsthand the unique demands and conditions that are often encountered during the removal and replacement of the linings within refractories. The system will provide faster removal and installation times, reduced manpower requirements, and a much safer, cleaner work environment. It is hydraulically powered and extremely dependable, even under harsh industrial conditions.

The narrow profile and high power of the Convey-It System® makes it ideal for transporting refractory brick into rotary kilns. It works as a perfect complement to portable pneumatic brick ring setups. The Convey-It System® can fit into the smallest of openings. The conveyor trays are 15” wide, and the belting surface is 12” wide. A 100-foot system can easily be assembled inside a rotary kiln by a 2-person crew in 30 minutes using only a wrench and pliers.