Fabrication and Shop Linings

Steel Fabrication and Shop Linings

TFL offers in-shop precast shape fabrication and refractory installation. Fabricated pieces such as small furnaces, ducts, troughs, expansion joints, and valves can be lined in our facility. We provide a high level of quality control and an experienced team of qualified refractory technicians who specialize in shop installation and precast shape manufacturing.

We also work with several local metal fabricators to provide turnkey refractory services and solutions. Refractory lining dryout is also done in our shop, utilizing specialists in the refractory dryout industry. Our attention to detail and quality workmanship means we complete your project on time and on budget.

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Our business is built on the concept of ever-improving customer service, responsiveness, and care. We strive to find solutions to your refractory maintenance and performance needs while facilitating new ideas, gaining your trust, and forming lifelong relationships.

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