Precast Refractory Shapes

Precast Refractory Shapes

TFL is a leader in our industry when it comes to the design and manufacture of precast refractory shapes.  With our Precast Refractory Shapes product line, we provide expertise in developing applications for precast shapes and can custom-design a shape system to meet exacting specifications for your unique application.

Common Precast Refractory Shapes Applications include:

Reformer Burners
Wall Mounted Burners
Roof Burners
Floor Burner
Dual-Component Peep Sites
Dual-Component Burner Tile
Tunnel Covers
Checkerwall Blocks
Flare Tips
Manway Plugs
Nozzles & Sleeves

EAF Delta Sections
Transfer Troughs & Runners
Reheat Furnace Burner Tiles

Hearth Blocks
Pier Blocks
Door Jambs, Lintels & Sills
Skid Blocks
Burner Tiles

Wall Shapes
Die Casting Furnaces
Roof, Covers, Lids
Transfer Runners

Burner Rings

Furnace Tops
Channel Induction Furnaces
Transfer Ladles

Burner Pipe Covers
Cooler Curb Sections
Feed Shelf
Kiln Nose Rings
Cooler Bullnose
Kiln Lifter Sections

Technology That Benefits You

The use of precast shape technology can greatly enhance the performance of refractory linings in your equipment.  Even the greatest refractory material in the world can give poor performance if adequate care is not taken to ensure proper water addition, mixing and initial bake out. Because TFL’s Precast Refractory Shapes are manufactured under exacting conditions, the physical properties of the refractory material are optimized, along with its performance.

TFL’s manufacturing facility is equipped with a fully automated mixing station which includes a digitally-controlled water meter and mix time alarm. Variable-speed vibration tables allow for proper placement of refractory materials.
After casting, the shapes are cured and then fired to specification in our digitally-controlled furnace. Adequate and controlled initial dry out plays a major role in the development of physical properties of a refractory material. This is a key item often overlooked in field-installed linings.


Precast Refractory Shapes also provides ease of installation and shortened repair times. Replacement parts may be kept on hand for quick replacement by your maintenance staff. Also, future repairs can be isolated; standard shapes mean replacement can be confined to the worn area, which eliminates costly, time-consuming tear-out.

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