Refractory Installation Services

TFL provides complete turnkey project management for your refractory installation. This means total, one-source responsibility for all aspects of the job–lining design, anchor selection, project scheduling, crew sizing, equipment, and materials coordination, and most importantly, competent technical supervision in the field by TFL professionals.

Working in partnership with refractory installation contractors whom we trust to do it right, TFL will pick the right crew for the job. We have the flexibility to work within your schedule while drawing on competent crews from a few different installation contractors who have earned our trust with their quality and experience.
The key to our years of success in refractory installation is that we understand that downtime for your equipment is lost revenue for your company. TFL will partner with you to coordinate the project around your needs. Adequate planning before the job and attention to details during the job ensures that you are left with a quality lining that will perform. We do it right the first time.
Refractory Installation Services
Refractory Installation Services

Steel Fabrication and Shop Linings

TFL offers in-shop fabrication and refractory installation. Fabricated pieces such as small furnaces, ducts, troughs, expansion joints, and valves can be lined in our facility, with high levels of quality control. Your project will be overseen by our experienced team of qualified refractory technicians who specialize in shop installation and precast shape manufacturing.

TFL also works with several local metal fabricators to provide turnkey solutions. Refractory lining dryout is also done in our shop, which utilizes specialists in the refractory dryout industry. Our attention to detail and quality workmanship means we complete your project on time and on budget.

 Furnace Fabrication and Furnace Lining Installation Services 1
Furnace Fabrication and Furnace Lining Installation Services 2
Furnace Fabrication and Furnace Lining Installation Services 3
Furnace Fabrication and Furnace Lining Installation Services 4

Refractory Exporting Services

TFL has a client base that spans the world and is experienced in the requirements of international exporting. Our location in Houston, Texas, positions us near one of the world’s busiest airports for international shipping. The Port of Houston also ships the largest amount of international tonnage of any port in the United States. We are conveniently located near major cargo consolidators and freight forwarders and have working relationships with many of them.

TFL can offer expert advice on packing and crating your materials and equipment. We are also well-versed in the document requirements pertaining to export shipments of refractory materials and lined equipment. We are diligent at making the export process run smoothly, with no delays.


Refractory Engineering & Design

In conjunction with our sales of refractory products, TFL can assist you with refractory lining design. We can calculate heat loss and theoretical shell temperatures for various lining configurations and can recommend materials, thicknesses, and types of refractory anchors to suit your particular application. We understand the complexities of refractory linings, and our years of experience guide us in giving you the most efficient and economical lining solutions.

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Our business is built on the concept of ever-improving customer service, responsiveness, and care. We strive to find solutions to your refractory maintenance and performance needs while facilitating new ideas, gaining your trust, and forming lifelong relationships.

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