Plibrico Refractories

World Leader in Monolithic Refractory Technology

TFL is a major distributor for Plibrico Company LLC, a leading manufacturer of superior monolithic refractory materials used in a variety of demanding thermal applications. For over a century, Plibrico has focused on the research and development of complete turnkey refractory solutions.

Plibrico has long been a leader in the development of new refractory technology. Today, Plibrico offers a complete range of monolithic refractories including castable, plastic, pumpable and shotcrete refractories, gunning mixes, and service mixes.

Headquartered in Chicago, Illinois, Plibrico serves industries across the United States and around the world with a combination of company-owned offices and independently-owned distributors like TFL. Since the beginning of our partnership with Plibrico, in 1982, TFL has consistently ranked among Plibrico’s largest distributors in the organization, and we are proud to offer Plibrico refractories to our valued customers.

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