TFL's Ceramic Fiber Modules Set a New Standard for Quality

We know you have a choice for ceramic fiber modules. TFL is your supplier for the highest-quality modules available, not to mention they’re made right here in the USA!

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TFL’s modules are manufactured from the finest quality ceramic fiber blanket and come in three styles:

  • CM-Pleat Style
  • CM-Weld Style
  • CM-Channel Style

CM-Pleat Style

The CM-Pleat style of modules are folded or stacked modules. They are made for use with “stab-on” hardware such as H-Hangers, L-Hangers, T-Hangers, or Split Hangers.

CM-Weld Style

The CM-Weld style of modules are folded modules with internal anchors. They are designed for quick installation using an automatic stud welding machine.

CM-Channel Style

The CM-Channel style of modules are folded modules with internal anchors. They are designed to be attached using a variety of welded studs, slide channels, or bolts through the furnace shell.

Pro Tip: TFL’s ceramic fiber modules are made in the USA and can be customized to fit your needs. See our module ordering guide to purchase a ceramic fiber module to meet your industrial furnace requirements.

Customizable Modules for Your Furnace Linings

Ordering ceramic fiber modules from TFL is simple. Just let us know the temperature rating required (usually 2300℉ or 2600℉), and the style of anchoring you’re needing.  We can supply modules in virtually any size required (up to 24” x 24”) to minimize joints, maximize stability, and accommodate for high-temperature shrinkage.

Our modules come compressed and banded to the required density for ease of handling during installation. In addition, we also have custom module sizes and expedited manufacturing upon request.

Contact TFL for Refractory Solutions

We understand the urgency of most refractory module jobs, and will quickly respond to supply your needs with standard or custom-sized modules. Contact TFL today for pricing and delivery regarding ceramic fiber modules.

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