3 Industrial Safety Goals to Set for 2019

Workplace safety should always be a priority for every industry. It’s essential for management and staff to work together to ensure safety guidelines are in place and understood. While following the rules is important, it’s critical to recognize unsafe activities and have policies in place to properly handle them.  

Your Safety Goals

The refractory and installation industry is unique because employees are consistently in close contact with intense, high-temperature heat. People working in the steam and power generating industries must be aware of the boilers and their components.

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Be Aware

Always pay close attention to what’s happening around you. This is imperative when working with extreme heat. Understanding dangers in the workplace and having a policy in place to report them can protect employees.

Dress Appropriately

It’s absolutely mandatory to wear the correct, protective clothing. When removing or installing refractory material containing any chromium base product, wear protective suits to protect skin from refractory dust, and masks to prevent inhalation of dust. When removing or installing ceramic refractory materials, wear gloves and long sleeves. Additionally, safety goggles and a respiratory mask must be worn.

Pro Tip: If your skin comes in contact with any of the refractory installation dust, wash the infected area immediately in one direction with cold water and soap.

Keep the Workplace Clean

Clean work areas frequently to prevent dust from collecting. Use HEPA filters, or wet sweep and use dust-suppressing compounds when cleaning. Keeping a tidy work area can prevent accidents from happening in the steam and power generating industries.

2019- An Accident-Free Year

Staying safe should always be of utmost importance in the refractory and installation industries. Practicing accurate safety standards should be a regular part of your work routine.

How will you stay safe in the in the industrial, manufacturing and construction industries? Join the conversation and let us know how you’ll stay accident-free in 2019.