3 Advantages of Precast Refractory Shapes Made with HyFIBER Technology

Plibrico’s HyFIBER technology utilizes a high concentration of stainless steel reinforcing fibers permeated with a low-cement castable slurry in the mold. The HyFIBER technology is used within our precast refractory shapes because of its distinctive characteristics.

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The Advantages of HyFIBER Technology

Stainless steel reinforcing fibers are lightweight but incredibly strong. Complementing the high-strength fibers, the specially formulated HyFIBER castable slurry is specifically made to increase density while reducing water demand. HyFIBER products provide the thermal protection of refractory in high-temperature applications, along with the mechanical properties approaching those found in steel or cast iron parts.

Pro Tip: HyFIBER shapes have specific characteristics that make them totally unique.

Here are three advantages of HyFIBER technology in precast refractory shapes:

  1. High Toughness
  2. Impact Resistance
  3. Excellent Resistance to Thermal Shock

1) High Toughness

Toughness is the ability of a refractory shape to absorb high amounts of energy without shattering.  HyFIBER shapes are designed for maximum toughness.

2) Impact Resistance

High impact loading on refractory shapes can be caused by dropping or falling furnace loads, or from unintended contact with equipment like forklifts or manipulators. These areas are great candidates for HyFIBER precast shapes.  

3) Excellent Resistance to Thermal Shock

With the high amount of stainless steel fiber in HyFIBER shapes, they are able to withstand and resist damage due to extreme thermal cycling.   

Unique Precast Refractory Shapes

HyFIBER technology proves to be beneficial in numerous refractory applications. Our unique refractory shapes utilize HyFIBER technology to be incredibly durable and provide excellent resistance to damage.

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