Plastic Refractories: Highlighting Phosphate Bonds

TFL is a distributor of Plibrico refractory products and carries a wide selection of Plibrico phosphate-bonded refractories. Compared to other monolithic materials, chemically-setting phosphate-bonded refractories offer good refractoriness under load (RUL), volume stability, abrasion resistance, slag resistance, high hot strength, and most are non-wetting to aluminum. These products utilize a high mullite content aggregate in an alumina-fortified phosphate-bonding matrix that incorporates Plibrico Company’s proprietary monoaluminium phosphate.

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Plibrico Phosphate-Bonded Refractories

Within the plastic refractory category, we offer a number of different phosphate-bonded products. This week, we’ll be highlighting a few popular materials from our Plibrico phosphate-bonded refractory selection. These chemically setting plastics offer long term performance for refractory linings in many industries.

  • Plibrico 68 S
  • Plibrico 68 SA
  • Plibrico 85 S Special
  • Plibrico 90 S
  • Plibrico SR-90

Plibrico 68 S

Plibrico 68 S is mullite-based, phosphate-bonded plastic refractory. Its service temperature limit of 3100°F and high hot strength make this material an effective selection for burner cones, boilers, and incinerator slagging areas. In addition, as Plibrico 68 S is non-wetting to aluminum, it works well in aluminum lower sidewalls, hearths, upper walls and roofs, troughs and lauders.

See the Plibrico 68 S technical data sheet for product details.

Plibrico 68 SA

Plibrico 68 SA is similar to Plibrico 68 S in chemical composition, but different in its improved aggregate sizing distribution. This improvement gives Plibrico 68 SA a smoother texture, improves ramming characteristics, and reduces slumping.

See the Plibrico 68 SA technical data sheet for product details.

Plibrico 85 S Special

Plibrico 85 S Special is a versatile, high-purity plastic refractory. It is non-wetting to aluminum alloys and has been designed to be chemical and abrasion-resistant. Plibrico 85-S Special is an excellent product for boilers, incinerators, wood-fired burners, and many other applications.

See the Plibrico 85 S Special technical data sheet for product details.

Plibrico 90-S

Plibrico 90 S is a 90% alumina, phosphate-bonded plastic refractory. This product is tailored to applications which require a high service temperature (3400°F service limit) and high material strengths, including burner cones, furnace hearths, slag areas, and sulfur recovery units.

See the Plibrico 90 S technical data sheet for product details.

Plibrico SR-90

Also, a 90% alumina, phosphate-bonded refractories, Plibrico SR-90 is manufactured with a soft plastic consistency and is designed for thin applications. Its fine grain size and high workability make Plibrico SR-90 ideal for patching and repairing existing linings.

See the Plibrico SR-90 technical data sheet for product details.

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Plastic Refractory Solutions for Your Business

TFL is your source for innovative refractory solutions. We offer superior plastic refractory materials to support your thermal processing equipment for long term performance. With a wide range of products, it is our goal to provide the right material for all of your refractory needs.

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