TFL Precast Refractory Shapes – Burner Tiles, Blocks, and Rings

While TFL manufactures a wide variety of precast refractory shapes, one area of special expertise for us is in the production of precast burner tile, blocks, and ring segments.

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Burner refractory shapes can range in complexity from simple cylindrical cans with a single hole through the middle, to elaborate rings with complex internal tapers, multiple inlet ports, and close-tolerance anchoring requirements.

Innovative Molding Techniques

TFL has developed innovative molding techniques that enable us to manufacture burner shapes to very tight tolerances. This ensures that installation on the job will go as planned, with no need for “field corrective measures”. Our molding processes also minimizes stresses on the green part when it’s being removed from the mold and handled prior to firing. This avoids the development of micro-cracking that can impact the long-term performance of the shape.

Professional Casting

We cast burner shapes out of a variety of refractory materials, including low-cement castables, high-alumina castables, self-flowing, and rapid-heat up castables. Our customers often specify the specific material to be used, but TFL can also offer our own technical recommendation on product selection.

Dual component designs that incorporate lightweight insulating materials are not uncommon. All TFL precast shapes are pre-fired to 1250 deg. F.

Quality You Can Trust

TFL routinely produces burner tiles for original equipment burner manufacturers and furnace OEMs, as well as after-market replacement shapes. Major refractory installation contractors, furnace suppliers, refineries, and petrochemical plants have come to depend on TFL for high-quality burner shapes and reliable delivery performance.   

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