Easily Restore Worn Ceramic Fiber Linings with the CERABOLT™ System From TFL

An Economical “Quick Fix” Solution to Extend the Life of Ceramic Fiber Module Linings, When Total Replacement is Not Yet an Option

The CERABOLT™ system from TFL was designed to give you a viable repair alternative when a wholesale module change-out is just not possible. Refractory lining repairs can be expensive and time-consuming.  With the CERABOLT™ system, you can easily apply new layers of blanket over damaged areas to re-establish lining thickness and regain refractory performance.  The auger-style threads engage securely into existing modules, holding new layers of ceramic fiber blanket onto the face as a veneer. Quick and easy CERABOLT™ overlays let you restore furnace linings without having to replace the modules. 

CERABOLT™ Advantages:  

  • Extend lining life and production campaigns indefinitely
  • Delay the expense of lining replacement
  • Easy installation, using simply a cordless drill and hex socket 
  • Made with mullite – rated to 3000o F 

When it comes to extending the life of your furnace linings, the CERABOLT™ system is the premier solution to enable you to postpone costly repairs. Contact TFL today for reliable refractory solutions to keep your furnace in proper working condition.