CERABOLT Overlay vs. Traditional Module Replacement

There’s never a good time for your refractory furnace linings to fail. When your furnace’s ceramic fiber module lining is in trouble, you might ask yourself:

  • How long can I ignore the problem before I have to repair it?
  • What’s the quickest and least expensive way to fix it?
  • How can I minimize my furnace downtime?

Find out why TFL’s CERABOLT™ Overlay is far superior to any traditional module replacement in your manufacturing processes.

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The CERABOLT™ is a high-alumina, ceramic bolt and washer system used in attaching MAFTEC™ high-temperature insulation or ceramic fiber blankets to refractory linings. By refurbishing your run-down refractory linings with Cerabolts, you can eliminate tear-out, disposal, and welding of new anchor studs.

Design Advantages of the CERABOLT™ System

The CERABOLT™ system from TFL gives you an attractive, viable repair alternative to a wholesale module change-out. Cerabolts are used to easily overlay existing fiber module linings with a new blanket veneer. Their design helps them fit tightly into existing modules while holding a new layer of ceramic fiber blanket on the face. From furnace walls to roof areas, the Cerabolt overlay will re-establish an effective lining without having to replace the modules. 

Pro Tip: Cerabolts can also be used to upgrade your furnace lining’s temperature rating. With Cerabolts, a furnace with 2300℉ modules can be veneered with blankets ranging in temperatures from 2600-3000℉.

Cost Advantages of the CERABOLT™ System

The CERABOLT System from TFL is a proven money saver! With Cerabolts to overlay an existing lining, you can save both time and money in your repair process.

On a recent lining restoration, we compared the costs of a Cerabolt overlay and the complete replacement of modules. Here are the details of the furnace we used in our comparison:

  • 42’ long car bottom furnace used for heat-treating
  • 12” x 12” x 12”, 2300℉ ceramic fiber modules, with 9.3 lb. density from the existing lining
  • Approximately 1,664 sq. ft of the repair area

As seen in the table below, the Cerabolt overlay option used for the same repair area offered multiple cost advantages. Compared to a complete module replacement, the Cerabolt overlay cost 21% less and the furnace downtime was decreased considerably.

Cerabolt Overlay Module Replacement
Job Duration (downtime) 3 Shifts, 10 Hours Each 5 Shifts, 10 Hours Each
Man-Hours 150 300
Cost Per Square Foot $38 $48

Choose Quality Cerabolt Overlays

TFL is a stocking distributor for CERABOLT systems. Our selection of bolt and washer systems are proven to streamline your refractory furnace lining repair process.

Contact TFL today for more information about Cerabolt overlays.  Our team is happy to help you find the right refractory solution for you.